TOP means and methods to improve family effectiveness

The difficulty of lying in bed rarely makes men want to share with someone, including the doctor. Regarding the answer to the question of how to improve efficiency, most people look for it by themselves, and ignore the warning. It is best to contact an expert. The revival of interest in natural remedies and alternative medicine also helps to find alternative methods in hospitals. Men were also inspired to try the simplicity of many clinically prescribed procedures. They are easy to master without the involvement of a doctor, and for this reason, there is no need to perform humiliating (many) examinations, tests and inspections to write a recall record.

A man who wants to improve performance

Basic suggestions

When choosing ways to improve performance at home, one should remember that folk remedies, physical therapy and general strengthening measures are combined. But there are usually no medications or dietary supplements for drugs. In addition, chemically synthesized foods cause great pressure on the digestive system, liver and kidneys.

Do not use more than 3 drugs or supplements at the same time. During treatment, it is worth paying attention to a healthy lifestyle. It is not worth looking forward to those men who drink more than once a week and lead a sedentary lifestyle to feat in bed, even if the power of alcohol and self-hypnosis makes them confident in communicating with women. And most herbs, medicines and dietary supplements are difficult to mix with alcohol. It is one thing if a person drinks a few glasses of wine during the holidays, but it is another thing to drink beer, vodka, brandy or whiskey frequently. In the first case, the blood speeds up slightly, in the second case, the organism’s processes begin to dysfunction, leading to health problems.

Quitting smoking is also better, but you can also choose to simply reduce the daily dose by 3-5 cigarettes. There are many myths about this habit, and most of them are invented by doctors themselves. In fact, nicotine reaches adrenaline-sensitive receptors in the central nervous system faster than the hormone itself. Also, the level of free adrenaline in the blood of smokers increases. For the core, this is an unfortunate combination, if the erection problem is vascular-already weak sexual function begins to appear dysfunctional. In addition, smoking leads to a decrease in male androgen production, which has a negative impact on libido. By giving up cigarettes, you can increase effectiveness by at least 20%.

Effective preparations

The preparations that help improve performance are synthetic and natural. Because there is a high demand for everything that is ineffective against inefficiency, pharmacies are willing to sell new drugs and dietary supplements.

It is allowed to take them at the same time, but any doctor will say that it is best to choose the most suitable solution. It is best not to do it yourself, but to consult a medical expert.

The effectiveness of biological additives


Men’s health care products contain natural plant or mineral extracts. They are considered safer in terms of side effects, and the same is true for the stomach and liver. However, if you are allergic to any herbal or bee products, you should discard it.

  1. The plant base is represented by the extracts of yohimbine, ginseng, and long leaf eurycoma. Because of blood filling, they can increase attractiveness, improve erection and semen quality, increase fertility, increase penis size (in an erect state). Zinc is also added to the formulation. On the basis of this mineral, the testis produces sperm and the prostate produces ejaculation. You need to take a capsule in the morning on an empty stomach and it takes 30 days to fully recover.
  2. A preparation containing the world's most famous aphrodisiac-Peruvian ginseng and maca root, ginkgo fruit and fenugreek. In the first few hours after use, it has a pleasant fragrance and improves the performance of men. It also has anti-cancer properties and increases the size of the penis. In order to obtain stable results, the product is dropped into 8 drops under the tongue in the morning and evening and rinsed off with any beverage of your choice. In addition, if a man’s fatigue, past failures or stress threaten successful sex, a portion of the drops should be taken half an hour before intimate contact.
  3. A product with the following chemical formula: The manufacturer has introduced the amino acid arginine. It promotes tissue growth in the thymus and penis. A greater amount of life is not only because of better erections, but also important for unsafe representatives of stronger sex. In addition to arginine, preparations also include puama, quinoa, eurycoma and Peruvian maca. By stimulating the production of testosterone in the body, herbal medicine has a positive effect on men’s efficacy and enhances men’s endurance. It can also improve the body’s overall tone and adapt to sexual life. Course: 2 tablets per day for a month.

It is not possible to buy dietary supplements in regular pharmacies-supplements are not provided there to avoid fakes and overpriced. To purchase, visit the manufacturer's website.

A drug that improves male performance


Among the drugs that improve the efficacy of drugs, the most famous ones are those based on PDE-5 inhibitors. The compound helps relax the blood vessels in the penis. If you drink this medicine half an hour before each sexual intercourse, it will work normally. However, due to the short operating time (valid for 6 hours), it is not suitable for regular use.

For men who want to be ready at any time, it is best to choose other similar types of drugs, which can also help improve erections temporarily, but they also have their own advantages.

Important reminder: From the influx of blood into the small pelvis, they can cause kidney pain, visual impairment (especially the perception of color), facial redness, and lower blood pressure. Locally, only the ointment acts on the blood vessels supplying the penis. The ointment is an irritant to the local circulation and contains a direct anticoagulant.


In order to increase the strength of men, even the simplest gymnastics to heat the muscles and joints of the pelvis is enough. It accelerates blood flow, eliminates congestion and other consequences of inactivity, and strengthens muscles. Do the following exercises for at least six months every morning.

  • Separate your legs shoulder-width apart, place your palms on your hip joints, and rotate your pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise 15 times.
  • Stretch your arms and walk forward 25 steps. Raise your legs a little bit and try to extend your knees to your chest. You can't hold back.
  • Lie on the floor with your feet on the floor (you can put them slightly for stability). Stretch your arms along your body and raise your pelvis as high as possible 8-10 times. Relax and repeat twice.

You need to do gymnastics all the time. It takes at least 2 weeks to improve performance.

Broth improves potency

Improve effectiveness through folk remedies

The human body needs more than animal protein and fat. People with strong sexual ability tend to ignore fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals in their diet. However, when meat and milk are in short supply, it is useless to eat them-their ingredients will not be absorbed.

Traditional medicine provides a series of remedies to fill this gap. In the piggy bank of her recipe, there are many adaptogens that can brighten the whole body.

Swamp Air

It is usually recommended that Cal Pugen be chewed once every half an hour after a meal and cut into neat pieces. You can also pour 10 grams of its raw materials into 150 milliliters of alcohol, stay in a dark corner for 3 days, filter and dissolve 10 drops of agent every day, and dissolve it in water 3 times. The course lasts 3 weeks and can be repeated after 14 days.

St. John's wort with parsnips

Chop 100 grams of parsnips and St. John's wort and cook for 7 minutes in an enamel pot. Allow to cool, filter the ingredients, three times a day after meals, each time with 50 ml, according to the 1/1 week plan.

Berry leaf mixture

Mix 20 grams of rose hips and 50 grams of red rowan berries with 2 tablespoons of nettle and gooseberry leaves. In short, cook in half a liter of water for 15 minutes, remove the ingredients and drink up to 4 cups of 0. 5 cups in one day and one month.

Garlic and honey

Chop a few cloves of garlic in a blender, add 500 grams of honey and 1 fresh lemon. Mix, cover and leave in a cool place for a week. Take one tablespoon before each meal and start long-term courses from 20 days.

Rhodiola and St. John's Wort

Place one tablespoon of rhodiola root and 10 grams of St. John's wort in a water bath in a boiling cup of water for 10 minutes. Cool, filter with cheesecloth, use 3 times a day, 30 ml each time, 1 week, 2 rests.


This process usually refers to a general therapeutic massage. It has a positive effect on a person's entire body, not only has an effect on erectile function. But there is also a separate prostate massage. It can relieve the obstruction of small tubes caused by stagnant ejaculation, improve blood circulation and sperm production. Prostate massage can be performed in hospitals and at home. It is recommended that men without a partner or wife use a special massager.

You can also do digital rectal massage for yourself. However, if you encounter cardiovascular disease or cervical osteochondrosis caused by stress, the benefits it brings are not only in efficacy. And it is best to do it with the participation of a partner or a masseur.


Nutritionists recommend multivitamins for all genders and ages. Modern products are not like old products. They grow on the basis of pesticides and hormones, contain preservatives, and cannot meet the body's demand for dietary ingredients.

There is a wide selection of vitamins. However, to improve sexual life, the focus should be on the compound containing zinc and selenium. These two trace elements are extremely important for the normal function of the testicles and prostate, which are essential for health benefits.

A man who knows how to improve performance at home

Family conditions or hospitals?

In half of the cases, the cause of impotence cannot be determined. For people 40 and older, it is usually associated with aging and is still inevitable. No treatment is needed here, and the improvement is still partial. Young patients should go to the hospital, or if there are other warning signs:

  • Urination, erection, pain during ejaculation and relieve pain;
  • Persistent or recurring groin pain and heaviness;
  • There is no obvious reason for the temperature increase event;
  • Blood or pus in urine or semen;
  • Tumors of the perineum, testicles, and penis.

For consultations with urologists, andrologists or STD specialists, you should also make an appointment if you have repeated rashes on any part of your body. Syphilis, papilloma and herpes viruses are most commonly transmitted sexually, causing premature ejaculation, prostatitis, cancer, and infertility. But the focus of the rash is not always found on the genitals. In addition, they may look like various other skin infections, confusing patients and doctors alike.

Additional features

Regular participation in at least amateur sports and proper nutrition is also a good way to improve sexual function. Nuts, liver, beans, wheat, and cabbage contain large amounts of zinc and selenium. Zinc is dominant in meat, oatmeal and rice, and selenium is dominant in eggs, lentils and corn.