Male Play Center-G Point

Almost all representatives of strong gender recommend using prostate massage, because with it, you can easily deal with congestion and many very uncomfortable sores, such as prostatitis. Moreover, if you want to increase your potential and sexual abilities, then you absolutely cannot live without these procedures.

Prostate stimulation itself will bring driving force and vivid feeling, so it is called male g-spot. There is no doubt that many people who have experienced love will use this power and main force, even seemingly cold gentlemen will be indifferent to them. If they say the opposite out loud, then it is likely that they have either never tried it or are just afraid of their heterosexual orientation.

What is the common g point

Despite the long-term mystery surrounding the female entertainment center, the understanding of the male g-spot (prostate) is still the same. This gland is about the size of a walnut and is one of the most important areas in the reproductive system because it produces and clears ejaculation. It is located above the perineum, surrounding the urethra and bladder neck. It is penetrated by countless nerve bundles, so the male g-spot is extremely sensitive.

G-spot massager

Orgasm researchers believe that it is better to have sex with a regular partner and constantly update the "track". In an erotic environment, you can massage with one or two fingers, or buy a special G-spot stimulator made of latex, silicone and medical plastic.

You can use the toy alone according to your own preferences, or you can use the toy with a couple:

  • has multiple modes
  • with spinning ball,
  • with pimples,
  • Or with electric pulse function.

Gentle or intense exercise can make a man unparalleled happiness, conquer and enslaved him, because more powerful sex is not as profound as the ability to caress the genitals. Moreover, when stimulated, they will be able to experience multiple ejaculation within a few minutes.

How to find the g-spot of a man?

The location of auspicious points in men

The prostate can be felt through the back door (of course, with the consent of the partner). It is located a few centimeters from the side of the pubic bone to the entrance of the anus. After finding the seal, a question immediately appeared: "How to massage the g-spot correctly? "

To expand your erotic vision, you need to use special lubricant and fingertips or gloves to trap yourself and pre-arm yourself. It is best to start with a relaxed movement, for example, gently stimulate the back, buttocks and gradually approach the sphincter. If it is difficult to access a cherished area, you can ask your loved one to lie on their back and put one leg on their shoulder.

You need to gradually insert your finger into the anus and press gently until it is completely hidden in the anus. Then try to beckon, so that you can clearly know where the male g-spot is, and if your partner's mo moans become louder, you can reach the goal.

External stimulation of male g-spot

Usually, heterosexual couples flatly refuse stimulation, and according to statistics, Americans prefer male G-spot massages than others. Indeed, this fact has not deterred many women, but on the contrary, it stimulated the desire to provide new and vivid impressions to their beloved women.

In this case, you can pay attention to the area between the anus and the testicles. By pressing and touching the G-spots of these guys, not only can they open half a circle, but also remind them of the good time of the upcoming orgasm. However, everything is purely individual, some are easy to massage in the area, while others are indifferent to them.

Medical indications

In addition to pornography, there are medical indications for prostate stimulation. After knowing where the male g-spot is, you can start a special health improvement course, but it is recommended that you see a urologist before that. He will not only discover possible contraindications, but will also "cleanse" blood clots and "blockages" in the organs.

Male G-spot massage is a special part, and misunderstandings cannot be tolerated.

To conquer new heights, remember that the prostate is not only used for sexual pleasure, but also performs important functions for the body. This is not superfluous. Therefore, safety and hygiene regulations must be followed!